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Create PPE specific to Ag worker needs by developing local R&D pathways w/ fieldworker feedback and at scale fabrication capacity.



How might we better address the PPE needs of vulnerable essential agricultural workers? Fieldworkers, in particular, historically have been expected to bring their own PPE and tools to the fields. How might we develop a model of R&D of PPE specific to fieldworkers that include tight feedback loops with fieldworkers? Each crop had different criteria and constraints that drive different choices of protective gear worn. How might new PPE be attached to and integrated into familiar existing clothing and PPE choices for sun protection? Might we be able to bring the R&D process into the fields in collaboration with the farm owners? Might we bring mobile makerspace carts into the fields as a way to engage deeply with fieldworkers in the PPE testing and design of their own gear and work systems. How might we develop sustainable systems for such engagement and trust building? How can we facilitate tight collaboration with local fabrication at scale so that the soultions are both developed and manufactured locally? 

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Krishnendu Dasgupta

Jul 11, 2020


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A very good thought , Corinne. This thought can be added under "Design of masks and Face coverings". 

This solution can also be moulded if the existing Agriculture field workers kit can be enhanced. More like an utility module. Looking forward to see the impact. 

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