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Spring Batch+an algorithm of DNA pattern recognition to fight covid19, diseases and/or to figure out drugs , vaccines,medicines etc



A Java IT Model for DNA damage repair and Genome sequencing solution


Author: Wadï Mami





Here I share with you my IT model for DNA damage repair and Genome Sequencing Solution to fight covid19 or/and any other diseases, also to figure out a genetic framework like Crispr cas9 or vaccine design or medicines, It can also be used for Nano robots 



The Model


Since 2012 I tried a theory an IT model for DNA damage repair and genome sequencing solution based on an open source framework java which is Spring Batch + an algorithm of DNA pattern recognition.I did a template project to more explain


You will find a fully présentation of it following this link


You just have to read the readme file and explore the source code I used a template code of * @author bruce.liu( Very special thanks to him. The source code template is in Github under MIT license.


I thaugt even to go further to read all the human DNA by using many nodes pc of many Spring Batch jobs jars orchestred by Spring intégration and using GridGain map reduce as task handler.

I think only one instance of Spring Batch + an algorithm of DNA pattern recognition may be the solution to create a virus, a drugs or genetic framework like Crispr Cas 9 based on that architecture

It could help against covid 19 as we know RNA responsible of it.

As I told you before it is only the concept a simple sample, an idea in my point of view worth to be considered a hard work remains to be done

I cant go further with it may be someone find it useful and continue.


The model can be embeded in nano Robots and you can cure illnesses and viruses you know RNA / DNA like covid 19.

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Wadï Mami

Jul 2, 2020


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I used Karp Rabin in my template you can opt for another
algorithm. especially that Karp Rabin is not advised for long
patterns and also that in my Karp Rabin template in one line it
report only the first pattern if there is one and do not deal with others
sequences which can correspond to the pattern sought in the same line.

But the advantages of Karp Rabin is the passage from Monte-Carlo to Las Vegas

in my template I used two files: input for the ItemReader, and
output for the ItemWriter.

You can use a Database instead of these so-called files.

you can assign the value 150 for the commit-interval since at
below 10 we are faced with performance problems and above
200 the same.
and throttle-limit to 5 or 6
values advised by the authors of Spring Batch in Action:

Arnaud Cogoluègnes
Thierry Templier
Gary Gregory
Olivier Bazoud

Karrie Ashmore

Jul 28, 2020


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Wadi - What is keeping you from going forward with it?

Wadï Mami

Jul 29, 2020


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Hi karrie Ashmore

there is a lot of genome sequencing software but having one which is a model too is rare. I can't go further with it because I don't know how from a model to create a drug medicine I am not a bioinformatician it was only an idea That I think it is worth consideration

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