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One of the major problems in the times of COVID19 is data interoperability. From Public Health, EMR, Genetics, Imaging, to Clinical Data.



Why do we need a data interoperability management framework 

In times of COVID , there has been a realization of a big problem . A lack of data exchange. A lack of data availability. A lack of a framework.- DATA INTEROPERABILITY.  

But Firstly , we need to know - What is the Problem ? 

"If interoperability had gone into effect earlier this year as originally scheduled, many insurance companies and the federal government would now be able to securely share the data they have for most of the elderly patients on Medicare and more than half of the poor Americans on Medicaid. The industry might have identified COVID-19 risk factors more readily; attending physicians would have had more comprehensive data on which to base treatment decisions. Patients would have been able to use telehealth more effectively, with their healthcare history more readily available."  - COVID-19 Crisis Makes Complying with Data Interoperability a Priority

“The pandemic has shattered our common beliefs about the type and scope of health information exchange (HIE),It has shown us that the definition of health data should no longer be limited to medical data of patients and instead should encompass a much wider variety of data types from individuals’ online and offline activity. Moreover, the pandemic has proven that healthcare is not local.” - Niam Yaraghi, a fellow at Brookings Institution - COVID-19 Exposes Lack of Health Data Exchange, Interoperability

So, How do we tackle the elephant in the room ?

Need of a standarized framework which can be implemented keeping all compliance and standards such as FHIR - HI-7 and semantic interoperability more accessible. From HIPAA, GDPR to all regulated controlled medical standards such as ICD-10 /ICD-11, SNOMED CT be easily integrated through a common platform and use underlying tech such as an Application Programming Interface to make data more accessible keeping the rule of Privacy Preserved Data intact. 

One Framework . Global Standards. One Interface. 


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Ghassan Mteirek

Aug 13, 2020


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We need to extend the data schema to include environmental data, trial data, trace data, failure and success treatment data. In summary, we need Global Health Information Exchange platform which includes portal for best practices approved by health scientists and practitioners. Also include information presentation layer tailored to doctors, regulators, policy makers, providers, and the public.

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