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How to provide childcare for working parents who need to return to work while their childrens’ schools are still closed?




Working Parents are having a tough time to provide childcare . With Safety as a concern how can parents entrust their children to Care givers who could be asymptomatic carriers. 


The intent is to create a caregiving service that can be subscribed as an hourly engagement for the defined service. 

Persona 1 : Amelia, aged 7 years , girl living with a single dad who works two jobs. Amelia is more focused on listening to tales and stories and love craftworks 

Persona 2: Khalid , aged 11 years , boy living with parents who are working in shifts from 8-6 . Khalid's father is healthcare professional and Khalid's mother a production manager at a factory. Khalid is  a game enthusiast and is preparing for his school exams. 

 For both Personas, there needs to be a caregiver  ? How would you choose a caregiver given the areas where the infection intensity is recorded ? How can the transmission fear be managed while caregiving is an important factor. Can the same area where the need arises be the point to choose the caregivers ? 



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