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How do we make sense of information accuracy and intent that is clear and sensible but at the same time, could be all wrong and vice versa?



During the time of crisis, information flow through the social media, internet and from the government continued to change very frequently. while some information may be clear, in some cases, they contradict each other.  As much as people try to make sense of the information for decision making, they take in the information whether right or wrong. Wrong information often led to confusion, chaos, fake news and more importantly, wrong decision making  affected their health. 

Here are some examples, of possible problem statements.
1) What and how do we trust or validate the information?
2) How to make sense of the many type of information and experiences (anxiety, uncertainties, negative thoughts, no feelings, etc) in circulation? 
3) How much of our trust in information from government sources hurt self, our family, business and national prosperty?
4) How do we re-built our sensemaking capacity align to safety? 
5) How did data contributed to our sensemaking? 
6) Were we exploited during the panademic? How did we recovered?
7) Did our behaviour change pre and post pandemic and how? 

We make very effect to have normality to our live but it is clear that it will take time. As we adjust to the new ways of working, we need to understand the cause of the breakdown and make every effort to improved life quality and reliability. I would like encourage you to support by listing areas  which you believe are important to Covid19 sensemaking. The list of problems will be used to indentify causes and to recruit people /specialists and resources to research and implment solutions. 

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