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With fewer opportunities to engage with teachers and friends, high schoolers might need more support to understand the material.



High school students would normally interact with their teachers and peers on a daily basis, but due to COVID-19, real-time conversations have decreased significantly. Students who are having a difficult time understand the material or making the transition to online school could use help with their studies outside of class time. A free tutoring or mentorship platform with college students, retired teachers, and other volunteers could help high schoolers achieve their goals and learn their best.

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Rashmi Paralkar

Jul 7, 2020


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The platforms used for online courses (for example MIT SLOAN courses), which makes sessions/prerecorded videos accessible per the course plan. A similar online campus could be made available for High school/college students. Additionally weekly once (per subject) Zoom meetings could be scheduled as an open discussion forum for the topics covered in videos in any given week. 

The platform could track if video lessons are watched and if quizzes completed, for being eligible to take the online tests. Tests could also be provided through the platform. 

There have been talks about personalized education, which could be made possible through AI. It would miss the on-campus interactions, but platform could be made interactive and have aspects to emulate the on-campus interactions. 



Krishnendu Dasgupta

Jul 11, 2020


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A similar model has been tried out in few parts of the world. Also, Stanford University initiated a program for helping students learn from its Python Online Module.

It would be great to see a voluntary educational system in place that can connect with thousands of educator based on their locations , profiles and portfolios. That would create a virtual free edumarketplace for asking doubts.

So , it could a Quora for Students only more focused to syllabus of the online schools and classes. Great Thought , Jessica Sun ! 

Venkatesh R

Aug 13, 2020


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There can be a tie-up with APPS like BYJUS, UDEMY, UNACADEMY, COURSERA, and other online vendors.

Probably teachers and students can take quality classes with Patreon

Winston Grace

Sep 1, 2020


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I think that is a great idea.

I would think a way to integrate local communities would be something like the seminar system in universities where topics in the course are presented in terms of applications or research by outside guest speakers.

In terms of local communities and high schools, for example, a gutter installer could speak about the mathematics involved in the correct calculations for gutter to roof size. The students could, be means of teleconferencing, see applications of mathematics coursework to local, everyday applications.

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