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Traveling is an integral part of everyday life. Solutions are needed to make public transportation safe and comfortable.



The airline industry has suffered severe losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Subways are empty and trains no longer run. These forms of transportation were all vital to conducting business, driving the hospitality sector, and just helping people get to their office every day. In order to make traveling safe again, standards should be developed and enforced to monitor social distancing and ensure that planes and trains are clean.

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Rashmi Paralkar

Jul 7, 2020


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All the travel restrictions, lockdown is to control the spread of disease. The know facts:

1. Airborne disease  

2. Can be controlled through isolation/quarantine/lockdown, and possible use of masks, hand sanitizer.


1. To take an example, the way mosquito repellent electric device or sprays controls mosquitos, could there be something similar that can control Airborne viruses. Such devices/sprays could add something "in the air" that deactivates the virus the moment it hits the air which has this thing "in the air".

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