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How to combine QR codes, smart phones and smart masks?



We're going in two directions: how do we use technology to quickly identify infected people, and how do we quickly and effectively avoid unnecessary infections? This requires not only the frequency of data updates, but also the interoperability of data

Obviously, one way to do this effectively is to track contacts - Contact tracing is the process of identifying people who may have come into contact with an infected person and then gathering further information about those contacts. Public health aims to reduce infections in the population by tracing contacts of infected people, testing them for infection, isolating or treating infected people and tracking down their contacts in turn. We believe that every time you enter or leave the area, a third party needs to scan your QR code and update your information to the database, which will then analyze your health status and then update the results to your QR code. It will be a circular effect.

When a certain number of people use our product, all of them are represented by dots, and their health is color-coded. It is easy to use density to determine whether a particular area is safe or not.


To achieve this effect, we combined three tools: smart phones, smart masks, and qr codes.

The main function of smart masks is to check the wearer's physical condition. In the case of a smartphone, it should act as a third party to transfer data to the database and act as a compiler to encode the information. The resulting QR code needs to be identified by the machine every time it enters a public place to see if everything is ok.


How are QR codes formed. There are three main processes:Recognize, Encode, and Display. And the information that the QR code should contain is:Basic personal information, Personal health information, Travel information, and health certificate information. As you can see in the slide.

These techniques are particularly useful for pregnant women, people with congenital diseases and elderly people who cannot take care of themselves. Because the biggest advantage of this technology is to use existing technology to quickly and effectively report abnormal conditions to relevant institutions (such as hospitals), which are needed by vulnerable groups.


Some companies are using contact tracing to quickly diagnose and prevent viruses.

For example: COVID Alert NY and TraceTogether are using bluetooth to update information. But bluetooth is not a good medium for factual location updates

 And Corona 100m, which using GPS to update information. But GPS is also affected in many ways, including buildings, viaducts, radio waves and so on. In general, the more open the area, the more accurate the GPS location.


And Corona DataSpende uses smartwatch to update information. But not everyone can afford a smartwatch.


So what makes our product special? Let us look at the QR code: It’s not just like GPS, which only contains geographical location, but it also provides a wide range of personal information.
And we can look at the smart mask: they can not only detect the wearer’s health, but also help people with language difficulties communicate with ordinary people normally.



Who will take these actions?

What are the projected costs?


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