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RNA Wrapr is a Molecular Grade Transport Medium for COVID-19 sample collection aimed to replace the standard Viral Grade Transport Medium.



Testing for COVID-19  is vital because it establishes how widespread a virus actually is. Experts know the size of the problem, and can take action with this informed response. Developing and under developing face low testing rates due to lack of resources in the process. Why?

1. The basic materials to develop kits are sourced from countries like China and Germany.
2. High rise in faulty and cheap tests that give out false negative (results) increases the risk of the spread.
3. Monopoly in manufacturing the kits result in soaring prices
4. The samples need to be stored in cold-storage and needs to be process within 24-48 hours.

Our product RNA Wrapr is a molecular grade transport medium (MTM) for COVID-19 sample collection aims to replace standard Viral grade transport mediums (VTM) used in this pandemic. It is a safer and a higher performance transport medium that yields less false negatives, can be stored at room temperature and the samples stored in this can be processed within a week. It is approved by ICMR and is CE Certified. 

Our first step of deployment is in the South-East Asian and the US market that require an affordable option without the comprise on the quality. 

Who will take these actions?

We seek for a partnership/contact with: 

1. Hospitals and Healthcare Centres- To expand out customer base

2. Universities- To partner with us to research the results and efficiency of our products which can be used to further develop our products.

3. Manufacturers- To increase our production capacity

4. Distributors- To help us enter the Korea, Japan and the US market

5. Device Vendors- To partner with us for expand our sales channels

6. Investors (VC's, funds) - To provide capital to expand to other countries and to speed track the certifications required for sale

What are the projected costs?

We are looking at INR 60 lakhs (81,766.81 USD) or more to apply for certifications required for sale in Korea, Japan and US.

The additional costs required would be for the Translation of website, documents and files for each country.


We are looking at approx. two years to deploy our product in Korea, Japan and the US market.

Jan 2021- June 2021 - Sign up for Korea, Japan and US market

June 2021- December 2021- Certification of Validation required for sales 

June 2021- June 2022- Deployment of product

About the author(s)

1. Dr. Fathima J Benazir (Co-founder | CSO) is a Molecular biologist from the Indian Institute of Science. She heads the R&D division designing and developing a fluorophore library to study the Molecular Biology components. She was recently awarded the National Startup award for the Best Women-led enterprise.

2. Alex D Paul (Co-founder | CEO) is a product manager at heart and is responsible for Azooka products and platform strategy. Alex has experience building the ManageEngine brand at Zoho Corp. He held the position of Director of Product Management and Worldwide Marketing at Zoho.

3. Liz George (Head of Marketing & Branding) is a fashion design graduate from NIFT Hyderabad. Liz spearheads the initiative to uncomplicate biotechnology with cartoons and to simplify Molecular Biology for students. Liz is an accomplished cartoonist and an aspiring graphic novelist with works published on news websites. Prior to Azooka, she has work experience across sectors such as Digital Media, NGOs, Beauty, and Fashion.

4. Apeksha Mathur (Marketing Strategist) is a Masters Holder from Kingston University, London and a graduate degree from NIFT Hyderabad in Fashion and Lifestyle Accessory Design. With a special interest in Graphic design and Digital Illustration, Apeksha passionately involves herself in projects with the thought of long-term sustainability and social change. Prior to Azooka she has worked with companies from all around ranging from fashion, sustainable stationery to music and healthcare products.

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Aiswarya John

Feb 24, 2021


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Great initiative! 

Thirumalai Kumar C

Feb 24, 2021


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Hope this will help for précised and reproducibility results keeping the samples uninfected while handling. Good work team Azooka. 

Satish Sj

Feb 24, 2021


3 |
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All the best Team Azooka! 

Sheik Anas

Feb 24, 2021


4 |
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All the best Team Azooka! 

Vidya Subramanian

Feb 25, 2021


5 |
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All the very best!!

Hariharan V

Feb 26, 2021


6 |
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How to cast votes, am sure there are hundreds support this Wonderful & Revolutionary Medium.

Hariharan V

Feb 26, 2021


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Casting votes is proving difficult due to error, am sure there are hundreds support this Wonderful & Revolutionary Medium.

Kasthurirengan Sampath

Mar 11, 2021


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Best wishes to Alex & Team. 

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