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Reimagining face coverings and PPE 2020

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Jun 18, 2020 09:00 EDT - Sep 21, 2020 11:00 EDT
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Sep 21, 2020 11:00 EDT - Oct 1, 2020 11:00 EDT
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Oct 1, 2020 11:00 EDT - Oct 15, 2020 11:00 EDT
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Oct 15, 2020 11:00 EDT
How can we re-imagine designs, technologies, accessibility, or strategies for adoption to drive changes in behavior for using face coverings and PPE to help save lives?

Could your idea help save lives? Universal adoption and adequate supply of face coverings and personal protective equipment (PPE) is one the largest challenges facing communities today. The globe is contending with problems ranging from marginalized communities lacking access to essential PPE to misinformation campaigns regarding the relative effectiveness of our current options. These challenges underscore the need for holistic, innovative solutions. 

How do we make masks one more of the everyday essentials in our life? How do we innovate PPE to protect a range of people from frontline workers to senior citizens? What existing technologies can we repurpose to make face coverings and PPE more robust? What actions can we take to sustain behavior change? These are just some of the many questions that solutions could answer. Solutions could touch on the accessibility, wearability, effectiveness, technologies employed, materials used, or even ways to change behaviors. You can pick one or you can mix and match. 

Most promising solutions have the opportunity to network and plan with experts who are active in developing innovative technologies, designs, and adoption strategies. In addition, they will be invited to take part in a public webinar showcasing their ideas. 

This challenge is in collaboration with MIT’s Fabric Hub.

34 Contributions
MASKARF. A Versatile Fashionable Smart Mask that can be worn multiple ways. a fashion statement piece, A SMART ACCESSORY.
Goal is to source PET from plastic bottles for manufacturing of medical-grade gowns along localized supply chains in Sub-Saharan Africa.
The Social Mask is a mask device used to prevent and protect.
100 styles available for multiple occasions & work-environments. Customized masks for those w/ hearing disabilities & those wearing turbans.
Epidemic aside, how to make masks more widely available? As a sign of the new era, I believe this is the era of smart masks
A PPE kit that allows the wearer to Pee safely without taking out the protective equipment using an attachable one way valve port.
Masks and PPE that repel bodily fluids and viruses for better protection. Performance is durable under repeated washing for reuse.
This proposal integrates face coverings into everyday garments, with antimicrobial textiles and practical details.
-temperature changing fabric & designs (health and/or hidden design aesthetic) -completely sustainable/disposable multi-use designs
Let’s develop locally grown sustainable mycelium face masks from agricultural industry biomass waste and plastic waste.
How do we solve the most fundamental problem -- material selection
What if we could grow masks from algae that would not pollute the environment but enrich it.
I want to create a free template with instructions on how to make your own mask using only a pair of socks and scissors.
Its also a fashion item but designs dont meet safety standards. Sharing minimum protective reqrmnts with fashion platfrms (etsy influencers)
Helmet has bio - sensor ventilation that cleans air from viruses and COVID / Influenza virus and alerts when detects them. Also, has lock.
Interdisciplinary research in biotechnology, IoT and textile engineering can increase effectiveness of masks by an order of magnitude
(2/2) Functionality: The sensor collect breathing rates, sneezing and coughing pressure, frequency of wearing, washing and geo location. Thx
1/2 Style: transparency with artistic motifs updated from the smart Watch Or Mobile App. Enhanced security & human interactions. (Read More)
A string/band is more convenient, looping the band over the head, through the mask and tying only with ONE knot at the back of your neck.
On online art opening of fabric art, giving participants a way to socialize online and discuss art as a promotion for textile face masks.
Create a scoring of mask effectiveness in terms of 1) preventing spread of COVID from the wearer and 2) preventing infection of the wearer.
The PPEs are electronic and alarm when not corrently worn. They give feedback to ensure optimum placement for effectiveness.
We present a relatively low cost electronic mask that can monitor physiological markers and indicate potential COVID symptoms.
This is a mask made out of a washable/reusable material with a removable lightweight speaker embedded into the mask, itself.
Some companies are starting to market these -- re-useable masks (with filters) and fans inside with N95+ protection to user and others.
I propose a pressure release mechanisim that would saftely ventilate out high pressure sneeze, cough
The problem with the current mask design is that the exhaled air is inhaled back as there is no active exhaust mechanisim in mask.
Customizable atmosphere scented masks that the user can wear in different settings to emulate a multi-sensory experience
A plant-based disposable mask that sprouts plants! It will protect the environment while combatting littering by giving masks a second life.
A 3D-printed attachment piece that serves as an enhanced contact point for eyewear to prevent slippage and condensation
Pore-size adaptive technology
The useful life of masks is only five uses as per CDC guidance. This is a solution to address the primary failure mode and extend mask life.
Create a wearable incorporating sensors and light activators. Light upS when Covid is sensed trigger more lights if the count is high.
Simple design changes in mask can increase their adoption in communities as well as make them effective for disabled people.