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A string/band is more convenient, looping the band over the head, through the mask and tying only with ONE knot at the back of your neck.



A string/band is more convenient.
looping the band over the head (top of mask and through the mask and tying only with ONE knot at the back of your neck eases proper adjustment and better holding the mask in place.
Furthermore: to take off the mask temporarily, you can grab the loop on the back of your head and pull down the mask over your face, without touching the mask or having to worry where to put it.
It now hangs down from your neck, inside out, gets dried/aerated.
to put it back on, pull the loop back over your head.

CAVE! If you were in an area of potential contamination, you shouldn't pull back your mask on again - same applies for any other masks, too, so no difference.

Positive aspects:
- quick to put on
- easy to put off and on again (interrimwise, eg. during lunch)
- easy to pull off in the evening
- people will get used to use the strings rather than handling the mask itself

Negative aspect:
- the mask needs redesign: need a tunnel to loop the band through
- it looks a bit funny like having a hankerchief for dinner around your neck ;-)

Who will take these actions?

What are the projected costs?


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Ph.D. chemist and biochemist/biotech/immunologist
studied in France, Germany (mostly) and the US


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