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Helmet has bio - sensor ventilation that cleans air from viruses and COVID / Influenza virus and alerts when detects them. Also, has lock.



- Biodegradable polymer 3d printing technology 


-uv/hvac mini filtration system on top of helmet or back. Subject to iterations. 

-voronoi software pattern technology for alerting contamination

- neck opening has a power-lacing feature that relies on a customized motor and gear train that senses the amount of tension the helmet wearer neck requires at different times. And adjusts accordingly to maintain a somewhat loose fit. 

Who will take these actions?



CDC for how bio sensors could be helpful in alerting contamination 

MIT Media Lab

AI - Robotics

UV Hvac researchers 

epidemiologists and infectious disease experts 

a cohort of users


Industrial/solutions based designers...

What are the projected costs?

Again accessibility to this type of protective equipment like most, is subject to affordability. But that’s not even the biggest concern. 
if say schools are mandatory and teachers have to come in the cost of having teachers quit cause they’re older and don’t want to be exposed is far greater than providing the equipment. 

DARPA could step in to cover equipment for essential frontline workers. 

Estimate $1000



About the author(s)


Candidate for a Masters of Arts in Design with focus on Health Design Thinking. 

Solutions based designer interested in futures Design, materials engineering, AI, Quantum Physics, Human Behavior...

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