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The Social Mask is a mask device used to prevent and protect.



It all starts with a simple sketch and the thought that we can help society in the fight against viruses both socially and medically.
I made the prototype of a simple mask that has a modern and smart appearance.
The main materials used to produce the mask are polycarbonate and polypropylene. This reduces the risk of allergies on certain categories of people.

Prototype Design Link

The material of the frame is made either by 3D printing with ecological filament, or by casting in special molds.
The front of the mask contains a modular device that can be removed or replaced. This device integrate the sensors (biosensor, Bluetooth), and an air vent.


The side contains another filter ventilation system, a temperature sensor, and a temperature display.

Temperature Sensor, Bluetoth adapter, other sensors

Sensors and ventilation system

The user will also use a mobile device with different functions like temperature tracking, particle status checking, or checking a map with the surrounding users. Collecting the data from the mask, the algorithm realizes a percentage of the possible infection with SARS COV-19. All users will appear on the map so that an uninfected person avoids the area with possible infections.

App Design and Functionality

How we could innovate mask design to be disability-accessible.

To facilitate the wearing of the mask by allergic people, we have planned the use of several types of materials such as polycarbonate and polypropylene.

Polypropylene Mask

Polycarbonate Mask

How we could influence social behaviors around masks and reduce stigma.

The masks are made with a modern, minimalist design using various color palettes. They look nice, futuristic and smart.

Version 1

Version 2

How we could use new materials to make masks easier to wear while exercising.

As I said above, the mask will be made from several types of material in addition the user can use both vents for exercises.

Sport Ventilations

How we could retain the functionality of masks, but without it looking like a mask

We reduced the dimensions of the mask, also making them with a modern appearance but at the same time keeping the main functionality.

How we could deal with sensing infection even when someone is asymptomatic.

In order to detect asymptomatic people, a biosensor has been integrated in the front that will detect the particles and together with the motherboard and the bluetooth adapter will send the user information on a mobile device. Also on the side, the temperature sensor will send in real time the user temperature.

Biosensor and boards location

How biosensors could be helpful in alerting to contamination.

All users of the mask will be notified on the mobile phone of possible contamination, and a map integrated in the application will display users in real time within a radius of 300m.

Nearby Devices

How material innovation in masks can be used to remove nanoparticles.

The nanoparticles can be easily removed by simple washing, initially removing the modules to do a safe clean.

How we would extend the life of masks by sensing functionality failures.

The masks will be initially calibrated. Both the temperature sensor on the side of the mask and the biosensor. In case of malfunction they can be replaced.




Who will take these actions?

First we need a research laboratory (MIT Media Lab) and then we need a team with members from different domains like (biology, chemistry, industrial engineering, and nano technologies)


What are the projected costs?

The cost per unit (mask) will be around 30$. The app development can be created by me for free and it will be free for all users. 


Oct 2020

The first step is to create the prototype based on my 3d model.

Nov 2020 

App development and integrations of the sensors.

Materials research and integration. 

Dec 2020

Testing the product.

App development.

Components integration.

Jan 2020

Latest tests.

Feb 2020



About the author(s)

I am Burzo Ciprian a young designer and engineer from Romania. 

Passionate about design, innovation and new technologies.

Industrial engineering and design graduate of the Technical University of Cluj Napoca. 

A researcher of innovations and solutions to the new problems.


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Javier Ortiz

Dec 29, 2020


1 |
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It sounds most promising and ambitious project.

Just one question about pathogen detector biosensor.

What kind of biomarker detects and has been previously tested?


Abeera Malik

Jan 16, 2021


2 |
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This is a very nice software

David Vanegas

Feb 9, 2021


3 |
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Hello, that's a great mask. When do you launch the project ?

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