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How to ensure the data shared and invite more people from different background to engage



Scientists could open a forum to improve scientific collaboration, and there is a need to link different strategies. It is well known that creating a center and building a body of knowledge can increase the utilization of available information. In most cases, new users do not understand the purpose and significance of the forum. Potential users include investigators, doctors, politicians and other stakeholders from a variety of backgrounds. We need to open forums on different topics according to the needs of the audience.


We should also provide instant doctor information, patient care and P2P management information. In addition to complying with established data quality requirements and international data analysis practices, it also needs to be certified, validated, trusted and approved by a dedicated platform. We should also recruit dedicated people to manage, create, and reuse research data. They gather information in their homes and offices. The role of these agents is as follows: sometimes information comes from multiple sources and should be further studied in a secure environment.

The rate of increase in cases does affect how patients appear on maps, and the number of patients is easy to collect and report, but there is no clear definition of infection. Adoption of an infection standard agreed upon by experts is the key to repair.  -- Have you traveled to the affected countries? When do acute or chronic symptoms begin? Although the information is usually reported to the relevant agencies in the first place, researchers and policy makers use this information to quickly inform the public that it is the best way to reduce the spread of infectious diseases. Therefore, it is important that all participants receive this information in the first place through various means of communication. Information sharing is more important than ever during times of stress, and can work through advertising and media (e.g. LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, etc.).This strengthens partnerships among partners, improves our understanding of disease processes and actions, and promotes collaboration and accountability over time. Data analysis is nothing new, but with this outbreak, popularisation is important. Open data collection systems help understand potential problems and improve data reliability. In other words, The assessment process benefits from an integrated community survey.


The best way to collect data is to rely on encryption systems, and it is largely the responsibility of the healthcare provider to generalize and integrate the information in stored procedures. At the same time, we should also ensure the simplicity of the information, the simplicity of the information to improve the reliability and accuracy of the work. This allows other researchers to analyze the data and make quick decisions about the types of research questions that provide new evidence. Respect the information obtained from the public because it is invaluable for new standard research. This concept applies to general testing.

Responding a day earlier means that changes to external processes and plans can be made a day earlier, which can have a significant impact on global operations. Timely information can raise the level of service to a new level. The personal vehicle can be adjusted even if there is a risk of losing a key or getting stuck. It aims to improve efficiency by making long-term decisions and by providing investors with a uniform standard for measuring multiple sources of information. In some cases, negotiations between academics and government officials have prevented the spread of modern diseases. As diseases spread around the world, many organizations turned a blind eye to information. So in order to make significant progress, the importance of the data collection process needs to be recognized at the highest level in the country (e.g., more information needs to be provided because you have to work in the country to register), so we need to take into account the time lag of data changes. The country team has made significant progress in data collection and has invested heavily in protecting this important data. In today's fast-paced world, these efforts are valid when they affect everyone. The new collaboration will improve data collection and disease awareness for further research and response.

Who will take these actions?

What are the projected costs?


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