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We enter plants to home environment with the aim of injecting hope and reducing depression.



In order to improve human relationship with nature and benefit from it, we propose the new city of Hashtgerd located in Alborz province, one of the cities of Iran, as a case study. Given that this city is under construction, we hope that our suggestions will be implemented in it. In the first stage, medicinal plants are distributed free of charge among the people by the centers located in each neighborhood or people can be asked to collect unhygienic and viral waste, such as gloves and masks, which are used daily in corona virus outbreaks, instead of mixing it with other rubbish or leave them in the streets.

Then, hand them over to local centers and receive the plant in return, which encourages people to separate their garbage and not leave them in the city spaces, and receive a useful plant in return. People can improve their skills in keeping plants in this spaces and by scanning the QR codes on each plants by the app installed on their smart phones and learn about how to maintain the plant. These service centers also help increase the city's green infrastructure by creating small pocket parks in each alley. . By planting plants, in addition to raising their spirits and vitality, people can use these products and sell them in virtual markets, and also have a good income. The presence of these plants in the home environment can vary from a simple small pot to a moving green wall. The presence of such an atmosphere in the home environment is a special attraction and will attract people for hours. This moving green wall can be combined with other elements such as water, glass and stone. Even in the centers of the neighborhood, we can use this moving perspective, with the difference that this time, in combination with water fountains, rotation of plants and the presence of water, in addition to beauty, the medicinal plants in the design can help aromatize the space and improve the health of users.

Who will take these actions?

All people in the community and residents of houses and even the government benefit from this plan because with the attractiveness of the home environment and the experience of planting crops and using it, the physical presence of people in the community will be reduced and it will be easier to prevent the spread of disease.

What are the projected costs?

  • Costs of this project to build a plant education application
  • The cost of pots and seedlings of plants and their seeds
  • The cost of building a green wall
  • Training costs for specialists
  • Spending time on equipping buildings
  • Spending time on training people



Despite the green space experts in this field, the necessary equipment for this project will probably be prepared in 6 months, and with the help of the officials, the whole city will be equipped with this system.

About the author(s)

Faezeh Minaee is a senior student in landscape engineering at Tehran University

Marzieh Momenitabar is a senior student in landscape engineering at Tehran University

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