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Julie Murrell

Julie Murrell


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Member SinceJun 25, 2020
CountryUnited States

Dr. Julie Murrell is the Director of Business Operations at MilliporeSigma. She is responsible for developing and communicating the mid- and long-term strategy for Process Solutions. Previously, she was the Head of Strategy and Execution for Gene Editing and Novel Modalities where she was responsible for developing the roadmap for new products and services for the organization. She formerly led the Cell Therapy Bioprocessing R&D group at the company and was responsible for product development and providing external contract research services. Through that time, she led the efforts to establish robust assays, identify new targets as key quality attributes and develop scalable systems for cell therapy manufacturing, with a special focus on hMSCs, iPSCs and T cells. Previous roles include technology development of analytics for monoclonal antibody production and release, the use of bioinformatics for novel pathway identification, and time developing small molecule drug candidates. She earned a PhD in Cell and Developmental Biology in the Neuroscience department at Tufts University, completed a post-doctoral fellowship in translational medicine at Harvard Medical School and completed a Stem Cell fellowship at the University of Massachusetts. Her multi-disciplinary background has led to innovative team-driven approaches to identifying innovation areas.


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