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Sandeep Mohanty

Sandeep Mohanty


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Member SinceJul 31, 2020

25+ years of experience in R&D, devoted to and excel in three areas—each area strengthening the others: (a) product development to commercialization (b) process simplification with an instinctive focus on value creation and (c) passionate about enabling teams to think and see what few think. Train, coach, mentor young scientists & engineers to adapt, thrive, innovate and solve complex problems in today’s era of fast-paced disruptive technological change. PhD in Organic Chemistry and a battle-tested organic chemist, idea hunter and known for his ability to turn difficult and complex process into easy-to-scale. My training in New Horizon Leadership Development Program and learning's from The Radical Innovation Program – Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has taught me to take a deep interest in the world around me: the energy, lateral thinking, the vibrations, the numbers, and the perspectives.



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Sandeep Mohanty joined the Pandemic Response CoLab communityJul 31, 2020