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Bob Hendrikx

Bob Hendrikx


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Member SinceSep 3, 2020

Bob Hendrikx - Inventor Living Coffin | Biodesigner | Architect | TEDx speaker | MIT Media Lab | TU Delft Msc. | Vice Human of the Year 2020

Inventor, architect and biodesigner that strives to restore the parasitic relationship between humanity and its environment by expanding the horizon of human imagination by exploring living materials.

Bob Hendrikx is the creator of the living coffin that turns humans into compost. His other works include growing world's first living home at the Dutch Design Week and buying a Detroit home for $1000 to realize sustainable housing

Bob is here to empower and inspire people towards a living future by turning science-fiction into reality. Featured on (inter)national media platforms such as TEDx, Dezeen, BBC, Guardian, Futurism, Fox News, NOS and NRC. Explore more on

#nature #science #design⚡️🌱 


TestDec 6, 2020
Algae Based Face MaskSep 3, 2020

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Bob Hendrikx created a Contribution TestDec 6, 2020
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