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Andy Van Den Dobbelsteen

Andy Van Den Dobbelsteen


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Member SinceDec 16, 2020

Andy van den Dobbelsteen is full professor of Climate Design & Sustainability at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment of TU Delft, and he is Principal Investigator with the AMS Institute. He is active in various boards and committees. Together with his team, Andy has conducted many national and international research projects on sustainability, energy transition in particular. He is faculty advisor to the successful TU Delft Solar Decathlon teams and responsible for the Zero-Energy Design courses, global finalist of the EdX Online Awards 2020. For his work in the field of sustainability Andy became Knight in the Order of the Dutch Lion. In 2019 he received the Academic Society Award from the Dutch Royal Institute of Engineers, for his way of communicating scientific knowledge to society. In 2020, his short film Energy Slaves, about domestic energy consumption, won a Gouden Reiger, the Dutch Oscar for commissioned films.


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Andy Van Den Dobbelsteen joined the Pandemic Response CoLab communityDec 16, 2020