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Reimagining face coverings and PPE


Question: How can we re-imagine designs, technologies, accessibility, or strategies for adoption to drive changes in behavior for using face coverings and PPE to help save lives?
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Rules: All entrants must agree to the Challenge rules and Terms of Use
Deadline: Monday, Sep 21, 2020 at 23:59:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Key Issues

Some areas of opportunity to consider are:  


Submission: Now until September 21, 2020
Expert Review: September 21, 2020-October 1, 2020

Review Criteria

Subject matter experts will evaluate the solutions submitted to the challenge to identify possible promising ideas. Sometimes there is one who stands above the rest, and sometimes there are two to three. This is not a typical challenge where there are winners and losers. We are hoping to build a much more inclusive and collaborative platform to encourage others to cross-pollinate ideas and work together. 

Challenge Incentives

There may be some novel and promising solutions that will emerge and those will receive the following:  

1) Visibility in the form of an announcement by MIT Pandemic Response CoLab on MIT News;  

2) A badge for their social media platforms and Pandemic Response CoLab that shows they were selected as a “Most Promising Solution” by experts; 

3)  2 45-minute calls with challenge experts.  

A community choice solution is one that receives the most votes during a public voting period. They will receive the following:  

1) A badge for their social media platforms and Pandemic Response CoLab that shows they were selected as a “Community Choice Solution”.