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Krishnendu Dasgupta

Jul 11, 2020


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From Predicting PPE availability , ICU Bed Availability to predicting the spread in vulnerable communities , There is need of a framework that will identify the shortcomings and create an estimation guideline and decision control toolkit for government officials and health officials and Epidemiologists and business entities. 

Krishnendu Dasgupta

Jul 11, 2020


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There is a need of these types of data sources which are properly validated - it can be a one stop for all possible Data points
Country wise - State Level - County Level - City Level -  Daily reporting of COVID Cases - authorized by either government or public managed single source 
Country wise Economic Indicators - GDP, Informal Economy , PMI, Interest Rate , etc.
Country wise - State Level - County Level - City Level - COVID Centers , Vulnerable Communities , Law order Units , Help Units, Hospitals 
Population Density Maps - Ideally from Facebook Data for Social Good 
Foot Movement based on people and vehicular traffic 
Country Wise - State Level - County Level - City Level - Policies getting enforced in different parts to contain the spread 
Genetic Mutation and Gene Transformation Data - from NIHM 
Regulated Guidelines only from WHO and CDC 
Important Circulars from Leading newspaper about changes in City Administration 
Once the above and other potential data sources are brought in once singular unit, the same database can be used for not only build epidemiological models but also create a policy framework that can help the government to take necessary actions. 

Krishnendu Dasgupta

Jul 16, 2020


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With this advancement, what can be built as supporting solutions. 

Embedded AI for Healthcare: How We Built COVID-Net for Embedded Devices

Keep Imagining , Keep Innovating !


Jerry Roane

Aug 13, 2020


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This pandemic is likely to come back in multiple waves as people get tired of safe living measures.  That said, one item that can be done today is to build ICU units that can be shipped around to hot spots and automate most of the nurse activity of a tent city of Intensive Care Units specifically built for COVID-19 in the prone position with powered elevation hardware and most importantly an "iron lung" function but made from modern aircraft composites.  TriTrack Motors car body construction is similar to how a modern iron lung would be built. 3D printing would match patient geometry to iron lung outer housing and when enough inventory of real patients shapes are built custom building would slow for just outlier cases.  What is proposed is a patient mounted complete automated ICU wireless and battery powered so one nurse can handle hundreds of patients instead of dealing with the mundane things like bed pans and leg squeezers etc.  Also since this is a mostly unattended patient the bed surface must constantly inflate and shift to avoid bed sores.  All equipment normally mounted to the wall in a regular ICU are mounted to the patient composite lung.  Access doors in the chamber allow medical access.  My question to the medical talent is an automated ICE iron lung valid medically?  The packaging of these things into one product is the easy part for us engineers but we need input to know what we have missed at this concept stage.   Thank you for your thoughtful responses.  This is a last ditch solution to avoid deaths after infection.  Not the ideal but would at least lower the tally of deaths.  

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