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The exponential kinetics of a pandemic virus is not compatible with old, top management way of life. We have to change that for the better.



The exponential kinetics of the Covid-19 pandemic require bold, swift moves form all stakeholders, especially top management in healthcare multinationals; time is running against humanity and every second matters for solutions that are out there, but being shunned by intermediate management bureaucracy. Amidst an economic crisis, opportunities are for sure out there for business, but the solutions being developed by standalone startups risk either failure from constrained supply chains or a market launch that may be too late to be as meaningful as it could be; it would be preferable for startups being nested and incubated inside already established companies.

In this regard, multinational healthcare top management must keep their doors open to innovation coming from outside the company itself, recognising that that very actions not a sign of failure of the company's talent policies itself, but rather the wise way to go as the world proceeds to unchartered territory. Big companies constituting themselves as these safe havens for startups are the way to go to curb the pandemic.

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