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We bring the next generations of smarter, intelligent face masks worldwide available to save lives!



The first generation, pilot version of the 'smart face mask' will be produced using 3D printing technology. Generation 1 integrates Holst Centre's technology to provide bluetooth connection, a microphone and speaker.

In a second phase, sensors in the second generation of the mask will measure and report data via the linked app. For this purpose, additional technology will be added that makes it possible to monitor vital parameters such as temperature, oxygen saturation, respiratory rhythm .... This way, the mask also becomes a means to preventively monitor and predict the health status of a user/patient.

Who will take these actions?

Holst Centre / Tenco DDM / Forcit  are already strategic partners

We seek for a partnership/contact with: 

MIT Media Lab

AI - Robotics

epidemiologists and infectious disease experts

Doctors, nurses, medical workers 

Investors (VC's, funds) 

What are the projected costs?

We seeks 2.5 Million euros milestone based for the coming 2 years 


- Currently the first generation is in the MVP/Pilot fase

About the author(s)

Smart Face Masks is a trademark of NextGenics 

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