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Big data pool on pathogen infection and immune response, combining global test results and providing AI backed computing for interpretation



One stop shop for storing and interpreting global data on pathogen infection and immune response by combining results from qPCR, NGS, antigen and antibody tests (field driven results) and results from other resources like available databases (online driven results), providing AI backed computing for interpretation and visualization of these results on top.

The basis is a big data pool (openly accessible) in terms of test result upload, but also download for local solutions/projects or (fee-for-services )cloud-based computing using platform provided AI solutions.

Test results should come from all kinds of tests from the field but also from online databases or other resources, if accessible. Therefore, a browser based platform is needed to be used for data upload and collection, globally accessible by creating user accounts. A server is needed to back up the storage of a huge amount of data and also allow cloud-based computing.

Integrated AI driven cloud-based software solutions should be provided to calculate and interpret the collected data and to gain a publishable format of the raw data (visualization by graphs, figures, tables, etc. similar to or using Tableau).

The platform should be usable for PCs of all kinds and mobile devices alike (smartphone, tablet, etc.). Therefore, apps for mobile devices should be included. Especially in terms of fast data visualization on the spot it is crucial to include mobile devices.

Test result data should be aligned with the time and location of sample collection, age and gender of the patient/participant, type of infecting pathogen, etc. Vaccination data could be included.

This could be offered as an open access platform or as a fee-for-service based platform.

Who will take these actions?

To make this platform work, it is important to win global KOLs in the field of virology, microbiology, epidemiology, healthcare, etc. to take part in this project. Also, all relevant institutions (academics, governmental, industry) need to take part in sharing test result data to fuel the database and make data interpretation meaningful. Institutions can be virology dptms, public-health institutes, pharma and biotech companies providing vaccination and disease related drugs, etc.

What are the projected costs?

Costs will include IT specialists to set up the browser-based platform, including surface, user account management and programming integrated AI driven data calculation, interpretation and visualization software tools (applications). Furthermore, to provide apps for mobile devices doing the same. Also, to farm the server on which data storage takes place. Biologists, medical doctors and legal entities will be needed to address and advise on key features of the software solution for data calculation and interpretation and also handling patient/participant test results. Costs also have to take maintaining servers into account (HW, space, etc.).


Winning resources will take 1 year. Set up and implementation of the platform will take 1 year. Testing and upload of available data sets will take 1 further year. Clarifying legal aspects and winning global KOLs will take 2-3 years.

About the author(s)

Author: Jens Baron, Biologist and PhD in Biochemistry. PhD and Postdoc time at the Charité in Berlin, Germany. Then moving to industry to marketing & sales related jobs in the Research Use Only market

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