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Self Funded Insured Insurance for indigenous communities, allowing the rural communities to have less need for urban medical services.



A good way to describe this is in terms of the state of the art. One such program already exists:

  If medical expenses exceed the communities standard limits for regular expenses, private health insurance covers the excess...this is known as Stop Loss insurance.

  What this can do is create health centers in rural Native American communities, especially for the financing of diagnostic, MRI and so on.

    It allows essentially communities based in-house medical insurance. Forecasting and ratemaking, skills that require mathematical skills, are likely to be in demand in the community based system, creating an incentive for local school systems to further emphasize mathematics education in the local school systems.


Who will take these actions?

A non profit organization is envisioned as taking on the project in terms of providing needed information to local communities.

   In terms of Stop Loss Insurance, private insurance for individuals with medical costs in excess of the average estimated cost, this can be assisted by private insurers and federal, state, and local governments in terms of the cost for the policy.

What are the projected costs?

Much of the work can be done by means of website providing the needed information.

The expenses are likely negligible.

In terms of Stop Loss, an assistance program for the cost of the insurance could been the range of several million dollars for a large scale, rural project.


This type of insurance exists already. To create a large scale project for rural communities could take about four years.

About the author(s)

The author is health insurance agent with specialized training in self funded insurance.

The author also has several patents in alternative energy and related applications.

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