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Our dynamic glare control doubles as media platform. We improve experience, reduce CO2 and create a symbiosis of technology, art and nature.



VideowindoW adds value to glass by turning glare control into a Biophilic media platform. Merging sustainability goals with profitability. (Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities Goal 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure Goal 17: Partnerships to achieve the Goals)

VideowindoW develops opportunities to add value to glass in the public domain. Our glare control works like tintable glass but is segmented and has ultra fast switching times which simultaneously allows for content to be shown using the sun as the backlight for the screen. This can be for windows in transportation hubs like train-, bus stations and airports but also for waiting areas in offices, hospitals town halls etc. Ultimately, when economies of scale are in place, domestic use is also envisioned. Information, communication, entertainment and maybe paid content can unlock the potential for glass, turning it from a cost factor into a profit driver. The latter can help in speeding up the integration of otherwise costly tintable glass which typically has a payback time of around 10 years. 

Our plan for the POST COVID19 CITY consist of a collaboration with a renowned (generative video) artist Daniel Brown His generative video patterns will respond to the need of glare control in our glass thus providing shade in the form of natural leaves/flowers. The interior space will benefit from reduced heat and glare and will have a tranquil shimmering of light as if underneath a dense deck of leaves in a forrest. As the content (elements of nature like leaves, flowers) is constantly evolving the experience of the room is forever changing. Transforming patterns of light help to stimulate the brain and prevent people from getting bored. With our technology we enable Biophilic design in glare control.

Who will take these actions?

VideowindoW develops software and hardware for this system together with KITT-engineering

Together with lighting designers of consulting engineering firm Deerns we will create a dynamic shading system that mimics nature and improves our well being in the urban environment. 

We partnered with glass industry professionals (Pilkington) and physics engineers (Deerns) for a joint effort in the glass facade installation.

The content is programmed by generative video artist Daniel Brown.

What are the projected costs?

VideowindoW and its partners are honoured to produce this for the Pandemic Response Lab and will invest into building a small scale (20m2) demonstrator at Rotterdam The Hague Airport. The funding is intended for the artist programming the algorithms for the content and the developers for the API integration.


The installation of VideowindoW at Rotterdam The Hague Airport is set for Q2 2021. Development for content algorithms and API integration is set for end Q1 to beginning Q2 2021. 

About the author(s)

Remco is the co-founder and CEO of VideowindoW. He is the creative mastermind behind successive versions of VideowindoW. After graduating from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague, Remco developed a successful career in Marketing & Advertising as a director, producer and creative for internationally renowned brands. Since 2018 he is fully dedicated to the development and growth of his company VideowindoW.

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