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Our Approach


Anyone who wants to participate is invited to identify what they think are the most pressing problems related to COVID-19. Some problems might be suggested by individual community members and others by companies, non-profits, governments, or other organizations. For example, problems identified might include: contact tracing, loss of jobs in the service industry, child care, and so forth. From all the problems suggested, a combination of community members and experts select the most important ones to address. 

After a problem is selected, the community members then submit proposals for how to deal with the problems. For example, in a challenge on how to do contact tracing, a user might submit a solution that suggests how to use closed-circuit TV cameras to track movements of people. The most promising solutions are selected by a combination of experts and community members.

When the resources needed to implement the most promising solutions have not yet been identified, the platform can also help recruit people, funding, and other resources. For example, if there is a well-thought-out plan for how to match volunteers who have cars to senior citizens in a Boston retirement community who need groceries delivered, the platform can help find the needed volunteers and funding.