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This contribution was moved here from Technical Innovation of Masks and Face Coverings 2020


Create a wearable incorporating sensors and light activators. Light upS when Covid is sensed trigger more lights if the count is high.



I need to give this more thought - in terms of a creation and it will be great if the MITCO LAB - can work together on this kit with me.

Who will take these actions?



Ayesha Dawood


What are the projected costs?

Costs - can be drastically reduced if we source recycled materials..( fabrics from coffee grounds if such a fabric is in existence ...or a simple biosynthetic breathable fabric patch -- is an idea...or a material that MIT COLAB can suggest -- from their experience. 

and The major costs will be sensors and lens.. and 


This will depend on materials and availability. 


 with the correct materials --  a beta test can be done within 6 weeks.  

About the author(s)

I am the author of this idea- Ayesha .Y. Dawood

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Krishnendu Dasgupta

Jul 11, 2020


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Great Idea ! 

I would like to understand these following points : 

  • How are sensors activated based on the infection intensity ? Have you tried on Anosmia ? 
  • Are these sensors responding to the surroundings Infection or the triage of the individual wearing the mask ? 
  • Have you thought of creating a reusable component than can fit on any PPE mask ? 
  • What is the mitigation of the mask highlights ? Will it reflect any certain methodologies for the individual to be more careful ? 

Looking forward to this innovation ! Keep innovating ! Cheers !

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