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Epidemic aside, how to make masks more widely available? As a sign of the new era, I believe this is the era of smart masks



Epidemic aside, how to make masks more widely available? As a sign of the new era, I believe this is the era of smart masks in the near future.


The smart masks are fitted with optical scanners that check the health of the wearer by regularly checking for teeth and coated tongue.


The smart mask is now a node similar to a router and a host. At this time, the smart mask is equipped with the application of real-time dynamic analysis of high-frequency big data in the manufacturer before it is sold. It can analyze the relative motion of the tongue and lip and compile it into binary files, which can be sent to a destination host (laptops, mobile phones) through wide-area wireless access or bluetooth (perhaps via Packet-switched network), and then transmitted to the other party's mobile phones or headphones  through corresponding language analysis. This application not only helps the speech-impaired to communicate with ordinary people normally, but also can be used in VR games and web games to replace handwritten expressions and communicate with gamers across different languages more quickly and naturally.


Smart masks are equipped with preprogrammed programs that can model communication between different vocal cords, It is helpful for some artists. This is helpful for some artists. For example, nightcore artists can pre-set pitch;with the Autotune feature, being tone deaf no longer has to worry about being out of tune. But thanks to smart masks, none of these functions require post-processing


The smart mask is equipped with a recording switch, which can be pressed to notify the mobile phone to record the following instructions (statements) so as to control all the smart home (including turning on and off the air conditioner, turning on the robot to sweep the floor, and locking the door). Enter a keyword to instruct the computer to find relevant information for processing, making full use of spare time


Smart masks have sensors that can detect PM2.5 and change the filtering effect to make them more suitable for people's health care, for example

PM2.5 = input()

if PM2.5 < 25: ability = "low"

elif 25<=PM2.5 < 50: ability = "medium"

else: ability = "high"

Who will take these actions?

data Communications Analyst. The engineer

What are the projected costs?

Because this is a conceptual product, there is no final conclusion


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Mu He, YinZheng Xiong

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Zhenhua Xiong

Oct 6, 2020


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Very intriguing!!

Jony Wang

Oct 6, 2020


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Good idea. Adding more details would be perfect

Dkfljdf Asdkjh

Oct 14, 2020


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Maybe it is hard to achieve, but I think it is amazing

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